ready to shop curated flowers. we designed 4 floral collections great for intimate gatherings.
mix and match any items from any collection. 
fresh collection 

neutral garden style flowers organically styled inspired by elegance and simplicity

Hi there, I'm Helen
Here to help you build the perfect order for your needs! Below I will share some tips and my favorite items.
floridian collection 

inspired by the floridan landscape this collection combines tropical greens and native garden blooms.

These are some of my favorite items in our collections. 
First, find the collection you love most, keep in mind
you can add a color
to any collection making it personalized to your style. 
Second, shop the essentials first. Once you have the must haves in your cart review your order. 
Lastly, don't forget to let us know which date you need your order for. 
romance collection 

soft garden flowers

romantically styled inspired

by european design. 

deep etherial garden flowers in color blends inspired by the Burgundy region of France.

frequently asked questions

Q.  Is this the only way to order flowers? 

A. Not at all, the collections are ready to shop collections you can personalize. If you want a completely customized order please contact us by click here


Q.  I am looking for something I don't see in the collections?

A. If you do not see something specific, for example, an arch we don't offer it in our collections. This would be something you would request in a custom order. You can start a custom order us by clicking here.

Q.  How can I customize my order? 

A. You can choose items from different collections and you can add a color to any collection. We  do however, recommend you try to select within one collection to keep your design cohesive. Further customizations may require a custom order. 

Q.  Can I have my order delivered or pick up? 

A. Yes, we offer delivery from Palm Beach to Homestead.  You can also pick up your order to avoid delivery fees. We do not offer set-up for our Collections so please be advised you will need to have someone responsible for setting your flowers in their desired location.

Q.  Will the flowers look exactly like the images? 

A. Not exactly, we are working with mother nature after all and choosing product in different seasons through the year. We do promise your arrangements will be a similar beauty.  

Q.  Will I know which flowers will be used? 

A. We are happy to take any special requests. Although we can't make any promises we will do our best. We always aim to use the same flowers or of higher value.

Q.  When should I place my order? 

A. As soon as you are ready. We require a date of event to be no closer than 2 weeks so please don't wait too long. However, you are welcome to check with us to see if we are available. 

bridal showers
welcome dinners
rehearsal dinners
baby showers 
the list goes on! 
my favorite collection is
the fresh collection 
this is a versatile collection 
it looks clean and classic on it's own or completely personalized with the addition of a color. 
looking for
something custom? 
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