Join us in our studio with your best buddies to have a little fall fun! 


In person workshop will be on October 24th starting at 1pm finishing at 2pm. Price includes one table for up to 4 people. You can split the cost amoungst yourselves.


The breakdown is as follows:

$75 per person for 4 people 

$100 per person for 3 people

$150 per person for 2 people


Each person will receive a vase and flowers for the value of the per peson break down ( For example: 2 people at a table, each person gets $150 worth of flowers and an upgraded vase ) 


We will be making a fresh fall flower arrangement. Flower selection will be designers choice. Shears, strippers and any other tools needed will be supplied but are not to keep. If you would prefer your own shears or strippers these are available as well. 



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3. We will email you with instructions to our studio and any details necessary. 


In Person Workshop Arrangement